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The three days of worship in Bendigo 21-23rd February saw worshippers from overseas, many states of Australia and of locals from different denominations, join to honour and proclaim the dominion, authority and power of Jesus the King of kings. There was a major shift in the heavenlies as strongholds came down  as the Church worshipped in unity.  

Karen Dunham, from Jerusalem http://www.livingbreadchurch.com/

The Tabernacle of David in Bendigo, Australia is a centre for throne-room worship.

The command of Jesus to worship in Spirit and truth is our aim. There are many expressions of worshippers connecting with God: worship songs, banners, shofars, prophetic intercession and dance. These are experienced at most of our meetings and events.

Our GOLD TO GLORY Worship Conference held in Bendigo Town Hall

We offer opportunities for intimate fellowship, regular corporate worship and intercession,for the whole Body of Christ. We are also involved with outreaching across Australia and other nations.

Teaching days are held to train and equip God's people on Biblical praise and worship, prophecy, intercession, spiritual warfare and the many other topics of interest related to prophetic worship.

The Bendigo worship centre was established by Laurence and Ruth Webb in 2003.


GREATEST LOVE STORY – Told in Four Gardens

Scene 1: Garden of Eden

There was a loving King who breathed His life into utter darkness and chaos. With His breath and with His song He created stars, sun, moon, planets, oceans, land, birds, trees, waterfalls and creatures. He sculptured man from some dust breathed life into him, and made a woman from the rib.  The King gave the man and woman a home—the magnificent Garden of Eden. In this place of exquisite beauty and joy, they had unrestricted access to the King. The King loved them.

But sadly, the man and woman were not content with utopia or being so intimate with the most incredible and formidable person in the Universe.  It’s unbelievable really—but they wanted more! How much more could you want? Well this snake of a liar convinced them that there was more and that the King was holding out on them. After they gobbled up that nonsense they discovered it was a terrible hoax, but it was too late. They had violated the King’s trust and broken His heart—they were banished from the Garden.     

Scene 2: Garden Gethsemane

The King loved the man and woman so much He found a way to woo them back into His courts—but it was very costly and would take some time. The King had a Son, the Prince of Peace. He loved His Son so much but He also loved the man and woman. So He asked the Prince to go to where the man and woman were now living in exile. Though He knew it would cost Him His life, yet the Prince still set out to rescue the man and woman. In Garden Gethsemane the plan was sorely tested.

The Prince was in such anguish that He was bleeding from His pores—He could have died prematurely. In order to help the man and woman He had to fulfill certain conditions. In this Garden He would identify with the pain and suffering of the man and woman. But that night as He experienced betrayal, abandonment and rejection of His closest friends—and knowing His Father would abandon Him the next day—His heart was breaking. In the midst of His greatest pain, that snake of a liar that had tried to destroy the man and woman had re-appeared. It seemed every dog was barking words of cruel hatred. Could He last the night? He cried out for the cup of death to be taken from Him. But was it the cup of death on the cross, or was it the cup of premature death to shorten the pain?  He cried out for help. His Father sent some angels. Strengthened, He yielded to His Father’s plan—to finish the assignment.

Scene 3: Garden Tomb

The serenity of the Garden Tomb belied the harsh and cruel reality—death had silenced the Prince of Peace. His friends and earthly family were distraught.

Unlike the Garden of Eden that began brilliantly and ended badly, this Garden began in tragedy and ended in triumph. Against all possibility, hope or expectation, the Prince of Peace overcame death and hell. He re-appeared to His friends—He was alive!  

His resurrection becomes our resurrection, and His life becomes ours.

Scene 4: Orchard of Fruit & Spices

The Prince of Peace had completed His mission. The man and woman could now return to the original Garden—the place of innocence, joy, contentment and beautiful melodies to celebrate and enjoy love. But there had been an extraordinary shift—now Eden’s beautiful Garden was growing in the heart of the man and woman. They were no longer in the Garden—the Garden was in them!

The King and the Prince had planted an orchard of fruit and spices within the man and woman. As the man and woman allowed the King and the Prince to plant, water, weed and feed, the most beautiful Garden was growing.  And oh how everyone was to experience and enjoy its beauty and fragrance. 

The man and the woman had been transformed by love--the greatest love ever known. 

Transformed by Love is now on DVD and is part of the Gardens of Love series. http://www.tabernacleofdavid.org.au/specials/package-transformed-by-gods-four-gardens-of-love

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worship matters, teaching notes


Is this just an Old Testament phrase or is it relevant today? 

What does it mean for Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus? 

This is just a brief summary to provide some insight...

In the book of Acts, Peter and Paul were ministering to the Gentiles, and after some time the Jewish Apostles had to grapple with the concept that salvation was also for Gentiles and how were both groups to relate. In Acts chapter 15 the Apostolic council met to consider the stumbling block, i.e. circumcision. 

The Holy Spirit spoke though James who answered by quoting Amos 9:11 “after this I will return, and build again the Tabernacle of David, which is fallen down...I will set it up.” ―Acts 15:16

History shows that due to Jewish persecution, the early church became predominantly Gentile. Since the 1967 war in Israel that is now changing. Multitudes of Jews are recognizing Jesus as their Messiah. Today, Acts 15 is very relevant to the church. Since the 1980’s, understanding of the restoration of David’s Tabernacle has been gathering momentum right across the globe. It is not a "fad" but rather a move of the Holy Spirit. 

1. One New Man

In Acts15 the Apostles came together to discuss how Jewish and Gentile believers could come together to have fellowship without causing a problem with Jewish laws. Since 1917, more and more Jews are recognising Yeshua as their Messiah. More and more the situation of Acts 15 is reality again today. 

Regardless of gender, race, creed, culture, traditions or denomination, there is only one body and one bride for whom Jesus will return. (Galatians 3:28) By the blood of Jesus, hostility between Jews and Gentiles is removed and replaced with peace. (Ephesians 2:11-18) In the words of Karen Davis on her CD “Songs in the Night”; “We’ve come together, Jew And Gentile, One new man in the Messiah... Heirs together of His promise, in one body by one Spirit, Being built together for a dwelling place of God.”

Union and unity powerfully release the blessing of God. (Psalm 133)

2. Intimacy and Glory in His Presence

David’s Tabernacle was a tent set up in Jerusalem. All it contained was the Ark, prophetically representing the presence and glory of God. Jesus came to earth to “tabernacle” or dwell in the midst of His people. The writer to the Hebrews says that by the blood of Jesus we can all draw near and enter into the Holy of Holies—no longer restricted to the privileged few as it was in the Tabernacle of Moses. In His presence is fullness of joy, intimacy, and all His glory.

3. Prophetic Worship

Prophet psalmists were appointed by David to prophesy on their instruments and surround the Ark with worship and intercession 24/7. This reflected heaven where God’s throne is surrounded by the atmosphere of worship 24/7—with harps and bowls. (Rev 5:8) King David was a prophet and also a warrior who knew how to defeat his enemies. Throne room worship is prophetic and is also where worshipping warriors implement God’s strategies to overcome the enemy. Some of the spiritual weapons include musical instruments, shofars, banners, tambourines and dance.

4. Worship in Spirit and Truth

David had a heart after God, was an extravagant worshipper and did not fear man, giant, lion or bear. David’s heart, his zeal, pursuit of God and liberty in worship is a picture of the New Testament church that would worship in “spirit and truth”. Spirit and truth worship requires an authentic heart like the Psalmist, to be freed from the religious spirit and flesh to instead be led by the Holy Spirit in life and worship.

Like planes can fly because the law of lift supersedes the law of gravity, so the Spirit “supersedes” law—liberty replaces legalism.

5. Kingly Authority

Kings rule from a throne. God’s throne in heaven is surrounded by 24/7 worship. King David also reigned from the place of worship. This affected government and business and caused heaven and earth to be in agreement. When we allow Jesus

to rule our hearts, lives and worship, His Kingly authority is powerfully released in our midst. Isaiah prophesied of Jesus “Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom...” Isaiah 9:6,7

6. Harvest and Revival

The restored Tabernacle of David is the one place that the Lord has said that all of mankind will be able to seek Him and find Him. (Acts 15:17) Yes, this is God’s divine strategy for the harvest of souls in all nations—His way for an explosive end- time revival.

7. A Restored Nation of Israel

God’s original purpose for the nation of Israel has never changed. (Romans 9-11) His plans always include both the natural and spiritual. When God does something significant in Israel He then does something significant in the church. The nation of Israel being restored cannot be separated from the restoration of David’s tabernacle. Gentile believers are called to pray, comfort and “make jealous” the “natural branches of the olive tree”. The Holy Spirit is causing gentile believers to understand their Hebraic Roots and the Biblical feasts—given to the Jews and fulfilled by Jesus.

8. Preparation of the Pure Bride

The bride makes herself ready and prepares the way of the Lord. Jesus is coming for a holy bride who is without spot or wrinkle. Holiness is a vital issue that the Holy Spirit is making prominent across the earth. The restoration of the Tabernacle of David is a preparation for the return of Jesus.

© 2013 Ruth Webb Heart of the Psalmist Inc

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March 22 0211 — RUTH WEBB
Facing and embracing change with the view towards sustainable prosperity. The world is required (MORE)

March 22 0211 — RUTH WEBB
Facing and embracing change with the view towards sustainable prosperity. The world is required (MORE)




 28th January 2017 

1 pm  Throne-room Worship

How does President Trump fit with Prophetic words 2017?  

In the year of the clashing of swords, we will consider the plumb-line and priorities of the Lord as now, more than ever, the Church needs to step up into His Kingdom authority. Worship and government went together in David's Tabernacle, and they go together in heaven! 

  • Gold Coin Offering to stand with Israel  - taking up both December and January. 
  • Information about Israel Tour will be shared during the meeting

Join us to worship, pray, decree and shift things in the Spirit realm. 

T.O.D. A Centre for Throne-room Worship


237 High St Christian church, 

High St Golden Square 
(Opposite Bendigo Police Station & Woolworths)


Worship Watches start each Friday evening around 7.30 pm

Shabbat Meal precedes at 6.00 pm for shared meal and communion.

Intimate fellowship and spiritual growth is followed by powerful times in the Presence of the Lord.

The Lord is releasing a shield of praise over the region as we enter into prophetic worship and intercession 

Praying for Bendigo region, Victoria, Australia and Israel 

All are welcome.

High St Christian Church
High St Golden Square


"Holy One of Israel"...live worship...sold in 5 different countries.

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