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The three days of worship in Bendigo 21-23rd February saw worshippers from overseas, many states of Australia and of locals from different denominations, join to honour and proclaim the dominion, authority and power of Jesus the King of kings. There was a major shift in the heavenlies as strongholds came down  as the Church worshipped in unity.  

Rowena-Anna from Throne room wings ministry in Thailand leading the dancers.



Karen Dunham, from Jerusalem http://www.livingbreadchurch.com/

The Tabernacle of David in Bendigo, Australia is a centre for throne-room worship.

The command of Jesus to worship in Spirit and truth is our aim. There are many expressions of worshippers connecting with God: worship songs, banners, shofars, prophetic intercession and dance. These are experienced at most of our meetings and events.

Our GOLD TO GLORY Worship Conference held in Bendigo Town Hall

We offer opportunities for intimate fellowship, regular corporate worship and intercession,for the whole Body of Christ. We are also involved with outreaching across Australia and other nations.

Teaching days are held to train and equip God's people on Biblical praise and worship, prophecy, intercession, spiritual warfare and the many other topics of interest related to prophetic worship.

The Bendigo worship centre was established by Laurence and Ruth Webb in 2003.


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Now you are probably wondering what the connection is between worship, wisdom and wealth?

 “The starting point for acquiring wisdom is to be consumed with awe as you worship Jehovah-God…Unending wealth and glory comes to those who discover where I (wisdom ) dwells…” (Proverbs 9:10, 12 The Passion Translation)

We all desire long life, success, increased effectiveness, contented living and even wealth. Governments and business are built and driven by society needing these. But wealth is not necessarily gold and silver. The wealthiest person may have no money in the bank but to be loved and have a contented life is wealth money cannot buy. And did you know these actually come from wisdom?

 “To live in the worship and awe of God will bring you many years of contented living…Wisdom will extend your life, making every year more fruitful than the one before.” (Proverbs 10:27  9:11 TPT)

But it is not the wisdom of governments or business savvy. The wisdom that produces a long contented life and wealth actually begins and start with the worship of Almighty God!

Traditionally Proverbs 9:10 reads, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. The word often translated fear actually means to revere reverence and be in awe of.

When we read fear we think of the negative kind which paralyses you, stops you from being yourself and from living your dreams. But the fear of the Lord is totally different. It is good. It means to respect, admire, look up to, and be in awe of.  It is a healthy, clean, positive, life giving and life changing fear. It may be a kin to having a fear of sticking a knife into a live electric socket is a healthy fear that gives life. Having fear of a rip current in an ocean is out of respect for the force of nature. The fear one would have in having an audience with a member of the royal family is out of reverent fear for who they are.

Worship and “fear of the Lord” are very close in meaning. The Greek word used in the New Testament for worship is proskuneō and it means to prostrate oneself in homage in respect and reverence (even flat on the face) and to adore. Worship is about responding in awe to the splendour and majesty of God who is beyond our comprehension. We respect Him because He is so big, so powerful. He holds the whole universe in the span of His hands. Holding planet earth in your hand would be amazing…but the whole universe? (Isaiah 40:12) Yet we similarly love and adore Him because His love, mercy and kindness are also beyond our comprehension. What Father would allow His Son to die for millions of ungrateful and rebellious people?

Wisdom begins with worship. Worship has a triple A rating – it begins with awe, amazement and adoration.

The real wealth from worship and wisdom is not measured in a blessed life but the privilege that the Creator of the universe loves us and provided a way for us to have an intimate relationship with Him.

Now that is awesome!

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We live in Bendigo, a regional city in central Victoria, Australia and about 195 kilometres north of Melbourne. Recently the Lord spoke to me about His love—that it is like the Bendigo postcode! Hold that weird thought and I will explain.

I grew up in a Christian home and an evangelical church and intellectually knew all about God’s love. But along the way, some of life’s challenges made it clear that the knowledge of God’s love had not seeped down into my heart. Rather, like a target board at a rifle range, my heart was full of love holes. These holes had been made by jealousies of my gift, severe criticisms and judgments by church leaders, misunderstandings and many rejections from family and friends. As a ministry group we have been slowly and methodically working through much healing with the help of material from Jack Frost in relation to “Embracing Father’s Love” and dealing with the orphan heart to be His sons and daughters.  

On the day of the postcode revelation the Holy Spirit exhorted me to open up my heart to Him and to absorb and take on board His love. He compared this with when someone speaks criticism of us, or rejects us with thoughtless actions; we so easily “take on board” the hurt. Conversely, when a complement is paid, how often do we struggle to receive it without embarrassment or else question its sincerity and accuracy? We know in our heads that God loves us. But what about deep in our hearts in those spaces that are tender and vulnerable because we have actually absorbed the wound or offense? He said we are to take His love “on board” and let it soak into those deep and raw places.

I then saw the Bendigo postcode flash before my eyes and He said, My love is like the Bendigo postcode, 3550. At first I thought this was a bit odd or that I had heard wrong. But His explanation not only made sense, but was quite amazing.

3 = Love of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit
Three is the number of the trinity and of unity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One. God is love. Agape love is unconditional love and it is His nature. A threefold cord is not easily broken.

He said, “Receive my love. It is a gift. Embrace it, take it on board, and take it into your inner being. Where you easily take into yourself criticism and condemnation, it causes grief upon grief. “Gossip is so delicious and how we love to swallow it, slander is easily absorbed into our innermost being.”  (Proverbs 26:22 The Passion Translation)

 He said to me, “It is better to take My love into your soul because it gives life and rejuvenates the soul. Take in the truth of how I see you. Take in the truth of who you are in Me. Take in My forgiveness and freedom for I have absolved you of blame, condemnation and guilt. Take in My peace and joy. Absorb My love into your whole being. Absorb the reality of My love. Let My love fill every vacuum in your life. Let My love touch every wounded area of your body and soul. Let My love fill every deficit of love you so wanted from loved ones but did not receive. Love is a gift from Me to you—receive My gift. You do not have to strive for it, you cannot earn it, just receive it, take it on board. Love is a fruit of the Spirit, so let it flow through you.  Receive My love.”

5 = represents grace
In Scripture five is the number of grace.

“My grace is sufficient to get you through whatever challenge you are struggling with. Grace is something I do for you; it is not something you can do for yourself. Grace is not initiated by man. Grace is My ability. Jesus came to earth full of grace—full of love, truth and divine ability. Jesus came as an act of love—an act initiated by Me to reveal the Father’s glory and love.

The first deposit of grace you need is My ability to receive and absorb My love and favour—even, and especially when you fail. Criticisms, failures and disappointments make it difficult to receive My love. These question the validity and authenticity of My love. My grace will help you grasp and take My love into your innermost being. Grace will make My love real to you.

5 x 2 = Double grace
We need double grace to live in love, especially to love one another.

“Once you have absorbed My love, the second portion of grace you need is the grace to live in My love so you can give it away to others. Grace is needed to love people, especially when they have hurt you and you do not think or feel that they deserve grace. You need My grace to receive My love and you need My grace to give away My love—grace to receive and grace to give.

Double grace is an essential and a missing key to heal the many divisions and hurts in My body. Many divisions have been caused because My people have, in reality, felt unloved, by Me or by one another. Double grace is needed for My body to be healed to walk in unity and to honour one another.”

0 Agape love has zero flesh.

“Agape love is all of Me and nothing of you. There is nothing you can do to be more loved by Me. You cannot do anything to be more worthy of My love. And there is nothing you can do to make yourself love another person.

Only when you are one with Me can you receive and give love. You are one with Me when your flesh is really crucified with Me. It is then that My agape love will flow in My body. Agape love and flesh cannot co-exist. When your flesh is zero there will be no impediment to My love flowing freely among you.”

  10 “This is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the payment for our sins. 11 Dear friends, if this is the way God loved us, we must also love each other. 12 No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwells in us, and his love is perfected in us.” 1John 4:9-12 



© 2013 Ruth Webb
Tabernacle of David (Bendigo) 

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March 22 0211 — RUTH WEBB
Facing and embracing change with the view towards sustainable prosperity. The world is required (MORE)

March 22 0211 — RUTH WEBB
Facing and embracing change with the view towards sustainable prosperity. The world is required (MORE)




31st JANUARY 2015 @ 1 PM

What is the Lord saying for 2015? 

Vision, prophetic insight and some exciting opportunities for 2015 will be shared...

In the midst of great darkness the Lord says His glory will shine upon His people. 

In these days of challenge...the safest and most important place to be - is in the Lord's presence. 

Join us for an afternoon of throne-room worship, soaking in His presence and experiencing His supernatural visitation. 

All are welcome


High St Christian church, Golden Square 
Opposite Bendigo Police Station


Worship Watches start each Friday evening around 7.30 pm

Powerful times in the Presence of the Lord.

The Lord is releasing a shield of praise over the region as we enter into prophetic worship and intercession 

Praying for Bendigo region, Victoria, Australia and Israel 

High St Christian Church
High St Golden Square


Friday night 2015 

6.00 pm shared meal

Commence God's week with shared meal and communion.

It is a time of intimate fellowship and spiritual growth. 

High Street Christian Church


"Holy One of Israel"...live worship...sold in 5 different countries.

Available to buy from our STORE along with other CD's DVD's and Books.

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Testimonies of healing while listening to "By His Stripes" on this CD

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